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First Round Developer Commentary - AKH

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First Round Developer Commentary - AKH

Post by Rizzo » Thu May 07, 2020 4:08 pm

Thanks to AKH for providing this type of commentary on our first round!
Clench your teeth and do the right thing pick:
Pick 1.1 Patriots: QB Russell Wilson
Doesn’t seem like patriots had much choice here given the free agents available and the dearth of quality QBs generally in the league. Personality looks great and NE coaches have not horrible QB training and youngsters (but not great either, OC Haas only one star in youngsters) and should get him up to snuff eventually. Getting him from solid to truly elite may take longer time given their attention to detail is lacking. Still, everyone should agree that NE had to take Wilson, so cudos for not getting cute and having to start a 33 year old Carr picked up of the street.

Best Offensive Player:
Pick 1.2 Bengals: WR Julio Jones
Jones is clearly disappointing speedwise compared to the other active players, and possibly that made him a reach here. But looking closer he is top15 in hands across all active WRs and only one WR aged below 27 years have better hands than ham which means that in a few of seasons when the veterans retire he will most likely have the have top5 hands in the league. Its also worth noting that while he is comparable to rookies taken later last year (Torrey Smith [rnd 3] and Denarius Moore [rnd 2]) he is better now than they are after a year of training. Development relevant personality is good and he is already elite in position skill. Note. This spot could equally well have been Wilson.

Best Defensive Player:
Pick 1.5 Chiefs: DT Muhammed Wilkinson
Wilkinson will be a beast. His high tackling combined with the fact that he has higher strength than the average guard and center in the league should allow him to shut down most runs up the middle. Personality and position skills are through the roof.

Best Late Round Value but worst situation:
Pick 1.24 Browns: G Amini Silatolu
There were better offensive linemen earlier obviously. However with decent strength and good blocking skills he is great value at 24. He is versatile positionwise with a skillfoundation across the offensive line. Biggest issue is that he is clearly a dickhead with worrying personality across the board. So he will need good people around him in all facets of his life. Leaders and teamplayers to keep his head in the game on the field. This may be a huuuuge problem since leadership and teamplay is almost completely AWOL on the offensive side of the Browns roster. Off the field Amini will also need someone to hold his hand. Unfortunately the Browns HC Cunningham is capable of little else than yelling ’HIT THE EFFING WEIGHT ROOM’ and lacks both the discipline to get Amini to work and the charm or motivational skills to entice him to do it by himself. OC does not have a lot to contribute to ameliorate this.

Picks that worry me:
Defensive ends taken late (Sheard, Beal, Irvin)
These three pose a conundrum. They are borderline too weak to play on the line, but also have too low tackling to be really effective as linebackers. Depending on the situation and where they end up lining up it might work out. I predict one of the three will be great and the other two will be busts. I just can’t guess which is which.

Biggest Upside:
Pick 1.11 Colts: G Cordy Glenn
Blocking clearly isn’t elite on Glenn, but strength, agility, intelligence, speed, personality and position skills are very very good. Glenn gets to be trained by Colts OC Yeager who is great with offensive linemen and young players which should accelerate his development. If everything goes well, Glenn may be 100 ovr by his 30th birthday.

OROY Prediction: Russell Willson
DROY Prediction: Dont’a Hightower
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Re: First Round Developer Commentary - AKH

Post by drumr » Thu May 07, 2020 4:23 pm

This was awesome!

The part about Wilson and coaching was enlightening.

I thought Julio was a reach too, but with TC and years of improvement he could hit that elite speed line and be a top 10 guy for a long time.

The DEs in the draft worry me too. I went with the biggest guy with the 1st round grade. They all seem extremely similar though. He's like a carbon copy of Jones so hoping he slides right in for me. He's 6'4 276 with 74str 74tkl 67spd 63agi. I'm crossing my fingers for a great TC and will focus on str from your suggestion.
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Re: First Round Developer Commentary - AKH

Post by KW » Thu May 07, 2020 4:31 pm

Thanks for doing this!

I guess this does validate my concern with Sheard- I did realize that 70 STR was quite low for a DE, and 62 INT and 65 TAK are on the low end for a linebacker.

My team is by no means a finished product, and I was planning to play both him and Hightower at DE out of necessity this season. Long-term do you think it's more likely that Sheard's strength develops to a point where he's a good DE, or his IQ/tackling develops to make him a LB?

Same kinda question for Hightower as well. With his size I don't doubt he can be a DE. However he seems to have some drawbacks at each position. His strength is a bit below average for a DE, and his agility is lacking for a LB (even for a DE tbh)

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