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CSFL Draft Magazine 2012

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CSFL Draft Magazine 2012

Post by Cleasby » Sun May 03, 2020 6:15 pm

Who is ready for the 2nd edition of the CSFL draft magazine?

Here you get 3 anonymous GMs send in their first round board under magazine names. For this year's edition we 2 admins and a GM who tunraround their team from a losing season into a winning one in just their 2nd yeard in charge!

The aim is that each year we get 3 GMs to do this and we will track the accuracy of each board over the years to see if any particular board is worth watching more than the other!

So let's take a look at how they look for this season!
Apologies for the terrible image job this year. Unfortunately our usual GM/resident photoshopper was unavailable so you will need to make do with my terrible attempt!

It seems this year the number 1 is very clear but unlike last seasons draft nobody has any idea how this first round will play out.

Although there seem to be a rough concensus that there is a top 5 after Russell Wilson an then a middle 10-15 where anything could happen with the remaining 17 picks of the draft being anyone projected from the mid 2nd in game to the high 1st round!

We hope you all enjoyed mocks and have a great time drafting!

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