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2014 offseason schedule

The Simmer
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2014 offseason schedule

Post by The Simmer » Sun Nov 29, 2020 11:02 am


Please see below the proposed 2014 offseason schedule. You will notice that we have condensed the turnaround for coach hiring sims and the first free agency sim. This is to allow us to start the draft as usual on a Friday before the Christmas period. We know from last offseason the Friday draft start worked really well. Also please note the requirements for free agency sim 5.

Superbowl, Franchise tagging and season end - Sunday 6th December (post superbowl same SIM)
Staff signing week 1 - Monday 7th December
Staff signing week 2 - Tuesday 8th December
Free agency 1 - Wednesday 9th December
Free agency 2 - Friday 11th December
Free agency 3 - Sunday 13th December
Free Agency 4 - Tuesday 15th December
Free Agency 5 - Thursday 17th December - all players must be in their natural position by player skill for this SIM as required for scouting
Scouting Friday - 18th December
Draft start Friday - 18th December evening GMT

The draft lottery will be completed over the next week or so. As usual it will be a live lottery..more details to follow.


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