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Ruling on MUT Playbookgate

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Ruling on MUT Playbookgate

Post by Rizzo » Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:00 pm

Buffalo Bills - Stealing of playbooks (playbook gate)


A formal complaint was logged with myself and the CSFL admin this evening concerning the Buffalo Bills GM Toasty. The accusation, which Toasty has admitted to, involved him stealing the playbooks from Saints GM Rouse in the MUT football series we have on the site, playbook gate.. 

This action violates 2.2 of the CBA ‘Cheating and Accusing’ therefore item 2.3 of the CBA will be applied which states:

The CSFL Commissioner and Admin's reserve the rights to enforce punishments based on the above policies, as well as any action made by a user that the admins deem as detrimental to the league. Punishments can be the following, as well as anything that the admins deems as reasonable.

It is clear that stealing one GMs playbook is cheating and crosses the line of morale and ethical behaviour we expect from every GM in the CSFL. The Admins acknowledge that Toasty has apologised to Rouse and has released a formal statement on the CSFL insider thread. This apology has been acknowledged by myself and the Admins, however as Commissioner my focus is and always will be on ensuring that the league is a fun and active community but also fair within the laws of a multiplayer online sim league. 

Therefore the following penalty will be applied to Toasty and the Buffalo Bills:

• Until we move to the new engine, Buffalo Bills GM Toasty will be unable to use custom playbooks for both offence and defence. This will be monitored by admins when simming. Failure to adhere to this penalty will result in a season ban from the CSFL and all sister leagues. 

I have spoken to Toasty directly about the punishment which he has accepted, personally reassuring me that this will not occur again. Cheating of any form will not be allowed in the CSFL. 

Your Commissioner 

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